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Wine Glass Charms

Custom Designed & Handcrafted by


* this page is under constant upgrade, check back often *

Charms and Beads Available

(in stock items are subject to change)

 All charms & beads can be mixed & matched. Take a look and let me know what you'd like to order. I will happily craft custom orders!

Contact Me for pricing and selection options on all custom orders


 If you don't see a category of charms you would like to see, please get in contact with me.

(I may have it on order, or just need a nudge to get them in stock)  

Click on small images, above the category names, for a larger view of each category:

Nautical 1

Nautical 2

Religions 1

Religions 2

Religions 3

Religions 4

Peace Signs and Other Symbols

Suns, Moons, Stars

Flowers, Trees and Leaves


Footwear and Apparel

Hearts and Keys

Patriotic (USA, only for now)

Sports, Activities and Hobbies

Butterflies and Dragonflies

Dogs and Cats

Other Animals and Creatures

Enamel Colored Charms

Crystal and Acrylic Charms

Random / Misc.

Seed Beads (very small)

4mm Bicone Beads

4mm Pearl and Candy Beads

Silver Round Spacers

Silver Flower Spacers

Pearl beads (4, 6, and 8mm round)

6mm and 8mm FACETED Round and Oval

Assortment of 7mm Bead styles

Aluminum Spacers

Crystal spacers

8mm Round FACETED

Large sized BICONE and Cubes

Large Faceted Ovals and Cubes

Large Rainbows

Letter Beads (6-7mm round and cube)

for custom words and names

Letter Beads2

for Custom Words and Names

Evil Eye beads

Pony Beads